Jamie Dupuis

Jamie Dupuis​​ is a Canadian virtuoso guitarist, composer and occasional singer and songwriter,best known for his complex fingerstyle technique,
energetic performances and the use of 
percussive effects on the guitar. He is the 2016 international Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion.
He has experienced viral success with his harp guitar videos and has been shared and 

featured by most major guitar sites including Guitar World and Guitar Player Magazine.
Jamie Dupuis是一位加拿大演奏家吉他手,作曲家,也是歌手和作词者,他以复杂的手指技术,精力充沛的表演和零活有力的打板应而闻名。
他是2016年国际加拿大Fingerstyle吉他冠军。 他的竖琴吉他视频取得了跳跃式的成功,并被吉他世界和吉他手杂志等大部分主要吉他杂志分享。

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