Don Alder

Don Alder​​ plays acoustic fingerstyle guitar with a passion that has quickly earned him areputation as Vancouver's "best kept little secret".
Don is a world-class fingerstyleguitarist with a "wow factor" that has led to winning all the top Modern Guitar Competitions in the world,
multiple endorsement deals with major manufacturers. He is a top endorsee for Yamaha Guitars, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Ernie Ball Strings and

Santo Angelo Cables, Riversong Guitars, Emerald Amicus, Tonewood amp, so keep an eye out for a Clinic near you.
唐·阿尔德(Dan Alder)(加拿大),以速度和热情激发声音的指弹大师,拥有着温哥华“最好的小秘密”的声誉。
他是Yamaha吉他,Seymour Duncan 拾音器,Ernie Ball 琴弦和Santo Angelo 连接线,Riversong Guitars,Emerald Amicus吉他,Tonewood 电箱的顶级代人!

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