Travis Bowman

Travis Bowman​​ is the national Ernie Ball Acoustic Prodigy Winner and recently placed 5th in the world at the international Winfield fingerstyle competition.
He is widely known for 
playing the acoustic and harp guitar. He has been featured on Reddit and Guitar Player magazineand has toured China with Mayson Guitars. ​He co-hosts a popular weekly syndicated acoustic guitar radio show, "Slap Nutz," in five counties with nearly 1 million listeners a month.
Travis Bowman,美国,是全美的Ernie Ball Acoustic Prodigy 比赛冠军,最近在国际Winfield指弹大赛中排名第五。
他以指弹和竖琴演奏而闻名于世。 他已经在Reddit(类似于国内的百度贴吧)和吉他手杂志上被推荐,在曼森吉他的组织下已经在中国进行了小型巡演。
他共同主办了一个受欢迎的每周联合声乐吉他广播节目“Slap Nutz”,在五个国家,每月有近一百万听众。


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