Kevin (Blake) Goodwin

Kevin (Blake) Goodwin Kevin (Blake) Goodwin​​ is a modern percussive fingerstyle guitar player from Conway, Arkansas (USA).
He is the 2015 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar champion, an international acoustic guitar competition held annually in Kingston,
Ontario and the winner of the 2016 Acoustic Guitar Wars Competition in San 
Antonio, TX (the longest running guitar competition in America).
He is the founder of FRETMONKEY 
RECORDS/ In addition, he is a music videographer, audio engineer, a producer at FRETMONKEY RECORDS studio,
and an active member of the Grammys. He co-hosts a popular weekly syndicated 
acoustic guitar radio show, "Slap Nutz,"
in five counties with nearly 1 million listeners a month. His 
electric and acoustic music is a blend of haunting jazz, Djent metal,
and rock melodies coupled with 
traditional percussive fingerstyle guitar techniques.
He has been described as the “21st Century Acoustic
Man” and possessing “outrageous acoustic skills.”
凯文·布莱克·古德温(Kevin (Blake) Goodwin),是来自美国阿肯色州康威的现代指弹吉他手。
他是FRETMONKEY RECORDS的创始人/此外,他还是音乐录影师,音频工程师,FRETMONKEY RECORDS工作室的制片人,也是格莱美的活跃成员。
他共同主办了一个受欢迎的每周联合声乐吉他广播节目“Slap Nutz”,在五个城镇,每月有近一百万听众。
他的电音和声学音乐是混合了令人兴奋的爵士乐,Djent金属和摇滚乐曲与传统的敲击手指吉他技巧。 他被描述为“21世纪民谣人”,拥有“不可思议的指法技巧”。

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