Aaron Edward

Aaron Edward​​ is a Guitarist and Composer from Tulsa, Oklahoma who creates transcendent,instrumental music that transforms soulful melodies, harmonies,
and rhythms into vivid,
emotion-charged imagery. Aaron is endorsed by Stonebridge Guitars, Vellone Guitars, Eastman Guitars, Journey Instruments, K&K Sound,
MONO Cases, and John Pearse Strings. He released 
his first solo album, "Akasha", in June of 2015. He is currently filming a series of studio and
cinematic music videos in support of his second album, "Cavenaut", and writing songs for his third album.
亚伦·爱德华(Aaron Edward),美国,是来自俄克拉何马州塔尔萨的吉他手和作曲家,他创造出超凡的乐器音乐,将灵魂的旋律,和声和节奏转化为生动,充满情感的意象。
Aaron得到了Stonebridge吉他,Vellone吉他,Eastman吉他,Journey乐器,K&K Sound拾音器,MONO 吉他包和John Pearse 吉他弦的支持。

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