Geordie Little

Geordie Little​​ is an Australian acoustic guitarist now based in Berlin. Having developed his own unique mix of percussive lap and fingerstyle guitar,
he combines melodies,
harmonics, chords and percussion all at the same time, seamlessly switching mid-tune between lap and standard positions. In doing so, Geordie has developed a reputation for his innovative style and compositions, and has performed at events such as Glastonbury, Ancient Trance Festival,
Earth Garden Festival, and the London,
Budapest, Bratislava and Berlin Guitar Nights, and has won various awards at three separate Adelaide Fringe Festivals.
He is a co-founder of the Berlin Acoustic Guitar 
Nights, acrobatics company FAUNA, and musicians rights organisation Berlin Street Music,
and maintains an extensive touring schedule throughout Europe and the rest of 
the world.
Geordie Little是现居柏林的一名澳大利亚原声吉他手。


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